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Adding Users

Click on the left-hand menu option for Users. The signed-in user will need access (permissions) to add additional users.

To add a ‘User’:

On the Users page, in the upper right-hand corner, select the Options button > + New User. Next, enter the relevant information and select a Role.

After completing all fields, select submit, and you will navigate to a page to add merchants to which this user should have access.


Merchants are the businesses under your organization that this user will be able to have access to in the Dashboard. Therefore, adding at least one merchant to a User is essential.

After selecting merchants, select the 'Review Permissions' button.

Roles and Permissions:

You can create Roles as permission templates. Assigning a 'Role' will pull a permission template; however, each user can have a unique set of permissions to the Dashboard. When editing the permissions, it is best to work from top-to-bottom when adding permissions and from bottom to top when removing permissions.